Kosta Sevic

Kosta Sevic

Architect I

“Each project’s design potential is limitless.”

I’m originally from Serbia, but I grew up in London.

The best part of this job is somewhere between schematic design and design development. I love visualizing the big ideas before and after guidelines are introduced from the client or developer. Each project’s design potential is limitless.

My favorite Lucien Lagrange building must be the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. You can tell it was designed by Lucien from a glance. The proportion, details, and expression come together to form an elegant building.

My recent positions have exposed me to design and construction in both the United States and England. Over the last four years, I began working on small single-family residential projects where I was involved in all phases of the project, from start to finish.

I am fortunate to have had great mentors during my first few years. They allowed me to see, observe, and partake not only in the design process but also get firsthand experience on site. I understood how my drawings would translate to the built form.

I once worked directly with shipbuilders in Finland to develop an entertainment venue on one of Royal Caribbean’s future ships. This involved a series of drawings, models, diagrams, and delivered presentations.

Books, people, conversations, art, architecture, history, and life itself—everything plays some part in inspiring me. Even sports. I’m a huge boxing fan.

I think my biggest strengths are my personality and my work ethic. I work hard, and I usually run five miles every morning before work.