Four perspectives. One vision.

For over 50 years, Lucien Lagrange has designed iconic architecture and interiors in Chicago and around the world. In 1985, Lucien began his own practice, one that has grown to include Managing Principal Alfredo Marr, and Design Principals My-Nga Lam and Victor Krasnopolsky. Together, we share ideals regarding quality design, hands-on work ethic, collaboration, and trust.

A studio approach

A hands-on team of professionals who apply deeply rooted, cross-disciplinary architectural insights and collective expertise. We bring projects to life. LLS adapts and responds to our clients’ needs, exceeding expectations and sparking the imagination of surrounding communities. The result is distinctive design–high-value projects that stand the test of time. Our studio culture allows for an exploratory design approach that is less rigid/structured. This results in engaged studio culture.

We’re a small studio with a deep understanding of people and lifestyles, capable of taking on complex architectural projects. We collaborate internally and with clients, offering direct, personal contact and the ability to design for any scale. Our studio size translates to streamlined efficiencies, with results delivered unencumbered by bureaucracy. With decades of experience, Principals at LLS provide a strategic understanding of the big picture and an effective approach, from design to buildout.

An understanding of people and lifestyles

We apply a human-centered approach to our work, evoking a sense of place, refinement, security, and livability. Each project considers the full experience of the building – the approach from blocks away, the threshold of arrival, and the feeling of connection that remains for years to come.

We design for humans. Building homes that make people feel valued and protected. Our approach works from a user’s perspective, designing for what’s both tangible and intangible. With a deep knowledge of building, construction, people, and lifestyles, we understand the process of development and the interplay between projects and neighborhoods.

Design That Endures

With a legacy grounded in quality and value, our projects do more than simply stand the test of time; they increase in value as decades pass. This is a testament to the relevance and resonance of their enduring design.

It’s the little things that craft a memorable experience. We bring intense focus to color, materials, and fixtures, ensuring each selection reflects the project’s greater vision. We bring value to the design of a building through a rigorous architectural process: a similar upfront cost as other firms but a greater return on investment over time. LLS projects exude artistry and detail while offering comfort and utility for the people who live and work within them.

Artistry in architecture

We value thoughtful building design. LLS buildings are recognized for fine details, elegant proportions, exquisite craftsmanship, and timeless quality. They are truly memorable with purposeful architectural achievements, distinctive in appearance, and by design.

Thoughtful design provides added value to client properties. LLS understands the psychological impact of transitioning from space to space: whether it’s guiding a vacationer from a luxurious hotel to the ocean or a CEO from the city, to a motor court entrance, to her private residence.

Design invites captivating, inspiring experiences. A sense of home, artistry, and comfort are all apparent while simultaneously building value and retaining marketability. Our buildings are recognized for fine details, elegant proportions, exquisite craftsmanship, and a certain timeless quality—distinguishing them as truly memorable, purposeful achievements.

Leadership Team

Lucien Lagrange
Founding Principal
My-Nga Lam
Design Principal
Alfredo Marr
Managing Principal
Victor Krasnopolsky
Design Principal