Michelle Uctum

Michelle Uctum

Office Manager


“I find inspiration from my family.”

What I enjoy most about my job is supporting Lucien, Alfredo and My-Nga in making strategic business decisions while making sure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. The support I give allows management and staff the ability to deliver innovative and quality designs that our clients expect from Lucien Lagrange Studio. 

My favorite building that Lucien Lagrange designed is 840 North Lake Shore Drive. I would walk along Lake Shore Drive almost daily and would stop and admire this building. The uniqueness of the entrance attracted my attention.

I graduated with honors from Illinois State University in business administration. I’m proud that I completed the pastry chef certificate at CHIC while working full time in accounting. I have a lot of interests, and I’d love to open a dance studio someday to share my love of dance. I’m also a musical movie buff, especially the old Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger movies.

Being a mom has taught me a lot about how to negotiate, how to delegate and how to manage multiple priorities.

I’ve worn many hats in my career. I started in accounting but was given an opportunity to tackle human resources and office management, too. I learned about accounting software development and implementation, which showed me how processes and technology can save time and give us better financial reports.

The biggest difference at Lucien Lagrange Studio is the attitude of our management and staff. The company culture is team centered, and the small office lets us interact on various levels. Seeing Lucien’s passion for his work is inspiring. He wants everyone to strive to be the best to produce only the highest quality designs.

I find inspiration from my family. My mother taught me the importance of working hard, dealing with hardships and helping people.