Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Marketing Director

“Aesthetics, strategy, and concept are vital to our work.”

What makes us unique is that while our firm is grounded in tradition, we design buildings that people love right now. We have a deep knowledge of building and construction, but also of people and their lifestyles. We’re interested in the interplay between buildings, clients, and the people who will use these spaces.

Before I joined Lucien Lagrange Studios, I spent 20 years in branding, design, and marketing at Gensler, Ogilvy, and other agencies who specialized in architecture.

Something I admire about Lucien’s design is that he can even take asymmetrical glass and steel forms and make them feel warm and inviting. Erie on the Park is an excellent example of that.

I’ve lived in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and now Chicago. Living in Asia for 13 years gave me a unique perspective and sparked my interest in traveling.

I’m trying to make the world a better place through pro bono work for Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. They provide housing and other social services for disadvantaged people in Illinois.

The collaborative, friendly approach is what drew me to this company. I like working closely with other people, and my role here is to demonstrate how aesthetics, strategy, and concept are vital to our work.