Kellen Plutowski

Kellen Plutowski

Architect II

“I get the most satisfaction from drawing new ideas.”

I get the most satisfaction from drawing new ideas, knowing that one day those ideas may come into this world as a reality. Whether I’m designing or helping to coordinate the construction of our buildings, I like making contributions to the built environment.

I’m originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota. After attending North Dakota State, I moved to Las Vegas to practice architecture focusing on hospitality. That experience has been invaluable to my work at Lucien Lagrange Studio.

Lately I’ve been working on our Hard Rock Hotel project near Kansas City and our residential projects in Chicago. The contrast between these projects shows our studio’s ability to adjust good design to match our clients’ wants and needs.

Park Tower on Michigan Avenue has to be my favorite Lucien Lagrange building. The design and scale of the tower brings a certain grandeur which both complements and contributes to its location.

I’m a diehard fan of the Olympics. I have the goal of attending an Olympics one day.

As architects, we have the ability to make people feel differently depending on the spaces that we design. In our projects, we’re tasked with providing the best perception of a space for the building’s users. And that task keeps me inspired.