Chris Sylva

Chris Sylva

Architect III

“Our design should maximize the value of the site for our clients.”

One constant principle that guides our work is the idea that our design should maximize the value of the site for our clients. That’s something we are constantly using to evaluate our own work, from the very beginning. Our architecture becomes a tool for our clients and not something that’s done in an arbitrary way.

My morning cup of coffee is a daily ritual that is never interrupted. Our Keurig machine is the hardest working piece of equipment in the whole office, and if it ever breaks down we are all in serious trouble.

I grew up in Sacramento and then went to Notre Dame. I had amazing mentors and classmates who shared their passion and expertise with me, and I got so much practical training to execute the architecture that we’re known for here.

Lucien has books of architectural history all around the office, and there have been many times when a fresh volume from his library serves as the source of inspiration for a difficult design problem.

Our whole office functions as a studio, which means that there is constant collaboration between everyone, including Lucien and the other principals. In my past experiences I’ve found that it can be difficult to find time with the more senior members of an architecture firm, but the principals here are very involved in the daily tasks of the office.