Carlos Valdes

Carlos Valdes

Senior Architect

“Luxury, elegance and modern living are well-balanced in our work.”

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in all aspects of the built environment, from architectural and interior design, to working as field superintendent for a major construction company in Monterrey, Mexico. This experience has given me a broad view and understanding of the development process as a whole.

I grew up playing multiple instruments, including piano and keyboards, drums, guitar and bass. I have a passion for the blues.

When you look at a Lucien Lagrange Studio building, the attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident. Luxury, elegance and modern living are all well-balanced in our work.

After studying and traveling in Europe, I have an even greater appreciation for Lucien’s “modern meets old world” architectural expression. Take a building like Lincoln Park 2550—it embodies the allure of classical architecture, but it’s expressed in a contemporary language that fits perfectly within its context.

Working on a major mixed-use development in Mexico gave me day-to-day contact with various parties including designers, developers, project managers, engineering consultants and the builder. Now I’ve brought that learning experience to Chicago, which I consider to be the mecca of architecture.

I’d like to be seen as someone who never gives up, someone who continues to strive until I achieve my goals.